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Diplomat Model Pro

Convertibility. Flexibility. Simplicity.

The new Diplomat Model Pro Line easily brings your practice into the 21st century. Discover Satisfaction.

Ergonomic design for optimal patient positioning.

Model Pro inspires with incredibly advanced ergonomic features

Model Pro inspires with incredibly advanced ergonomic features. The synchronized chair movement of the seat and backrest, for example, allows patient to feel relaxed during the whole treatment. It also ensures optimal work positions. Dentist`s and assistant`s element including tray tables are always in the right position to reach any instrument for a comfortable work experience. 3-D-headrest with manual or pneumatic adjustment, articulated and foldable armrests, multi-functional, programmable foot controller: Welcome to the ergonomic world of Diplomat Dental.

New technologies, digitalization and intelligent solutions

So much smarter. So much more aesthetic. Diplomat Model PRO provides answers to questions that you may not have asked yet. It connects people and machines in a targeted, efficient way. It is everything that you have always wanted and will need for the years and decades to come.